High-Priority Programs

The government can achieve the greatest return on investment for the taxpayer by ensuring that improper payments are eliminated in the highest-risk programs, otherwise known as high-priority programs. These programs have improper payments estimates that exceed $750 million annually.

High-priority programs are designated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and agencies with high-priority programs have additional reporting requirements.

Determination criteria and reporting requirements for high-priority programs are found in OMB Guidance Circular A-123, Appendix C

Select a program from the list below to view program details:

ProgramAgencyOutlays RawTotal Payments (outlays)IP RawImproper Payment AmountsImproper Payment Rates
Veterans Health Administration (VHA) VA Community Care ProgramDepartment of Veterans Affairs (VA)5.6$5.6B5.3$5.3B93.4%
Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Purchased Long Term Services and Support (PLTSS)Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)1.9$1.9B1.9$1.9B100%
Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA) Disability Compensation ProgramDepartment of Veterans Affairs (VA)67.7$67.7B0.5$0.5B0.67%
Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (RSDI)Social Security Administration911.2$911.2B2.6$2.6B0.28%
Unemployment Insurance (UI)Department of Labor32.5$32.5B4.1$4.1B12.5%
National School Lunch ProgramDepartment of Agriculture12.3$12.3B1.9$1.9B15.3%
National School Breakfast ProgramDepartment of Agriculture4.2$4.2B1$1B22.75%
Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (Part D)Department of Health and Human Services77.5$77.5B1.3$1.3B1.67%
Medicare Advantage (Part C)Department of Health and Human Services172.8$172.8B14.4$14.4B8.31%
MedicaidDepartment of Health and Human Services363.8$363.8B36.7$36.7B10.1%
Children’s Health Insurance ProgramDepartment of Health and Human Services14.3$14.3B1.2$1.2B8.64%
7(a) Loan Guaranty ProgramUS Small Business Administration18.1$18.1B0.2$0.2B1.29%
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)Social Security Administration56.8$56.8B5$5B8.85%
Federal Pell Grant ProgramU.S. Department of Education26.9$26.9B2.2$2.2B8.21%
William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan ProgramU.S. Department of Education95.4$95.4B3.9$3.9B4.05%
Earned Income Tax CreditDepartment of the Treasury68$68B16.2$16.2B23.87%
Medicare Fee-for-ServiceDepartment of Health and Human Services380.8$380.8B36.2$36.2B9.51%
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance ProgramDepartment of Agriculture-----